Kijana Allen

Kijana Allen  started dancing at the age of 13 when he joined his first Middle School dance and step team under the mentorship of Ms Sandra Hill. Within that same year he enrolled into Colors School of the Arts and was taught African and ballet by the likes of Miss Pete ,Miss Sharon Hill, and Bianca Russell. Enrolled into Lehigh senior when he was 14 and was technically trained in ballet and jazz at 16. Throughout high school he expanded his horizons of learning styles such as krump,breaking,waving, and popping. He was part of the company then turned crew Diversified  Movement under Danielle Hicks,Bianca Russell and Melinda Shay where he learned contact improv and more choreography. Also at the age of 16 he solidified himself in the dance scene of Florida through battles and taking workshops and is the founder of the Welcome to The Neighborhood project and co-founder of Sole Eaters Crew.