Competition Company

Our G-Force Competition Company is led by Miss Gabriella Martina, who choreographs the solos, duets/trios and all group routines, as well as handles all of the cleaning privates. She has been awarded several choreography awards, as well as placing in the top spots in most of our competitions.  Miss Gabby is now recognized as one of Fort Myers’ brightest choreographers.


  • 2015/2016 “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” Mini Contemporary routine and “Pretty Face” Junior Contemporary Routine
  • 2016/2017 “What A Feeling” Junior Contemporary routine
  • 2017/2018 “Corner of your Heart” Junior Contemporary routine
  • 2018/2019 “Island Blues” Senior Contemporary routine; “Cursed” Torok Contemporary duet; “The Beatles” Open Production routine
  • 2019/2020 “Memories Washing Over Me” Teen Contemporary routine
  • 2019/2020 “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” Mini Jazz routine

Our Company has four levels; Mini (ages 5-8) Junior (ages 9-12) Teen (ages 13-14) and Senior (ages 16+).

Team Placement is NOT determined by AGE but by level of technique. These dancers are required to take classes in the genres of ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and lyrical. Their average hours of dance classes per week is 8 hours.

As a Team, we attend two or more local competitions. We also take the Team to out of town workshops/competitions located in Lakeland, Tampa, Miami and/or Orlando. We also require the Team to take at least three weeks of Summer Lessons, Team Lock-In weekend for choreography in August, and weekend choreography sessions in the month of September.

Auditions for our Company are usually held in June  – date to be announced! No Audition Fee. Please have your dancer wear all black, either black leotard or sports bra/dance shorts, hair in a slicked back bun and bring all their shoes. Your dancer will sign in at the front desk and receive an audition number to wear during the entire audition. Your dancer will be contacted within a few days if they have made it onto the Company Team. Also an intregal part of the Audition process is your dancer’s attendance in dance classes, attitude in class, work ethic, academic grades, and social media appropriateness. All current dancers at G-Force will be assessed by all their teachers in this regard in addition to the Audition lead by Miss Gabby.

Miss Gabby will also have full authority to decide if your dancer is ready for a solo, duet or trio. She also will put the dancers together in the duets/trios with the dancers she deems will be successful as partners in dance style and physical attributes.

If you are ready to take your dance education to the next level, join us in our Company where you will be challenged with competitions, learn new and up-to-the-minute choreography from renowned choreographers at conventions and focus on your personal growth, all the while enjoying a positive and drama-free environment.